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Windy Sayles

Whipsnade, Nr Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 2LG.

WINDY SAYLES is owned by the DUNSTABLE DIVISION of the Guide Association. 

It is ideal for Pack Holidays and Guide Holidays and is an ideal location for Guide Camps and Pack Holidays Under Canvas.

"lettings for the house and field are taken from members of the Guide Movement only"

The site is 5-10 minutes walk from Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.

Activity Centre

Hall: The hall has a beamed ceiling and access to the field. Equipped with folding tables and chairs. Suitable for a day-room / dining room. The main hall has hatch to the Kitchen

Dormitory: Carpeted Room to sleep 18. On bunk beds (9). Users are asked to bring a fitted sheet and a pillow. No food or drink is to be taken into this area. Indoor shoes must be worn.

Guiders Room: Carpeted Fitted with wardrobe and drawer. 2 double bunks. Curtained washing facilities. 

Kitchen: Fully equipped. Electric cooker, microwave oven, fridge/freezer, crockery, cutlery, Hot and cold water supply.

Washroom: Toilets: 3  Showers: 2 (one of which is suitable for people with disabilities) Wash basins: 10. Users need to bring toilet rolls and soap.

Cleaning: Mops and buckets labelled as to use are in the bathroom by the back door, other cleaning equipment is stored in a cupboard in the Guiders room. A hoover is stored in the Guiders room and a second stored in the dormitory.

Telephone: The phone is in the guiders room. Guiders are asked to log all calls in the book provided and put the appropriate payment in the tin.

First Aid: A small box is in the kitchen for emergencies. Guiders are asked to bring their own first aid box.

Campfire: A campfire circle is available in the woods. This can be used freely - liaising with campers if necessary.

Camp Site

Sites: There are 2 unequipped sites on one field, each to accommodate approximately 30 campers. Campers are asked to keep well up the field whenever possible (to give people of the Holiday House privacy)

Toilets: 2 flush toilets for daytime use and a separate one for gentlemen.

Water: The tap is on the outer corner of the building, near the toilets. The mains stopcock is in the toilet block in the building.

Elsans: The cesspit is clearly marked (near the water outside and must be used by Adults Only, who are asked to ensure that the drains are not obstructed and that the elsans are not put under the drinking water tap for rinsing.

Telephone: Campers are advised to take a mobile telephone. (if someone is resident in the Holiday House there is a telephone in the Guiders Room) Guiders are asked to log all outgoing calls in the book provided and put the appropriate payment in the tin.

Rubbish: All rubbish is to be placed in the appropriate wheelie bins at the side of the house. Wheelie bins are to be left on the corner by the village hall on Sunday evening for collection on Monday. The wheelie bin should be left on the corner by the Village Hall for collection on Mondays

Cooking: Altar fires are only to be used - no turfing is allowed. Guiders need to bring their own equipment - but see the note below on bricks. A Fridge Freezer is available for use by campers. If required please request when booking. Small hike fires may be lit with great attention to safety in the woods on suitable bare areas as long as the fire area is totally cleaned up afterwards.

Campfire: A campfire circle is available in the woods. This can be used freely - liaising with anyone staying in the Holiday House if necessary.

Wood: Wood may be gathered from the top of the site (as you stand with your back to the building) and the left-hand side. (The woods on the right-hand side are private). or may be taken from the woodpile adjacent to the campfire circle. Gadget wood and firewood must not be cut from trees. All surplus wood should be replaced on the woodpile before leaving.

Bricks: Some half bricks are available. They must be returned to the container by the garages and not thrown in the woods or left on the field.

Tent Pegs: As the field is mechanically mown it is most important that all pegs and gadget wood are retrieved when striking camp.

Cars: Cars should be parked on the field near the pathway at the end of the building. They must not be driven across the field. Visitors may park in the Tree Cathedral car park. Under no circumstances must cars be parked on the village green in front of the village hall.

Local Activities

Whipsnade Zoo

Dell Farm

Dunstable - Grove theatre, Go Bowing and Swimming Pool

Roald Dahl Museum, Aylesbury

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