Wrest Park Quest

Girlguiding Bedfordshire and Wrest Park are pleased to offer members the chance to take part in the Wrest Park Quest, which consists of two elements:-

An environmental quest in the Education Centre

You will have access to the education room where you can leave your bags ect for the day and if the weather is not good this is a great place to eat lunch. In the education room you will find 2 large green crates. In these will be earth, which is in individual bags for now (due to Covid) which is enough for the girls to do 2 pots. There is news paper (we are always grateful for more if you can bring your own) for making pots and tins to use as templates. There will also be seed/bulb depending on the time of year and bags for the girls to decorate in which to carry home their pots.  You will need to bring colouring pens.

Pot planting instructions - Rainbows and Brownies

 Pot planting - Guides

A treasure quest exploring the buildings and grounds of this historic building

The second part of the quest is to explore the grounds and complete the quest sheets. There are different challenge sheets for Rainbows/ Brownies/ Guides and Rangers, along with a section linked map.

Rainbow Quest 

Rainbow map

Brownie Quest

Brownie Map

Guide / Ranger Quest

Guide / Ranger Map

Trail answers for all sections

After you have completed your Quest you can order your Wrest Park Quest badge. 

The FAQs and Booking Instructions/Badge Orders have recently been updated and are available for download by clicking on the links 

Have a great day and enjoyed your visit and if there are any other questions or issue please contact

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