News / May 15th, 2023

Flexible (Lone) Guiding Units in Bedfordshire

Who can join

We run flexible (Lone) guiding for all girls, from Rainbows to Rangers.

There are lots of reasons for someone to join one of the flexible (Lone) guiding units. For example:

  1. There’s no unit for their age group in their local area
  2. They have other commitments, including studies and caring responsibilities which means they can’t attend meetings
  3. Transport to and from meetings is a problem
  4. An illness or disability which prevents them attending meetings regularly
  5. They don’t enjoy spending time in large groups
  6. Waiting list for units in your local area

Flexible (Lone) Guiding is fairly new to Bedfordshire, giving girls the opportunity and flexibility to be part of the Girlguiding movement without having to attend face to face meetings.

Girls can work independently through the programme doing the activities by themselves or with family and friends. They can work towards badges whiles learning new skills and having fun.  For the younger members they will need the support from home to do the activities.

Our Leadership team will support the girls travelling through the programme through by post, email, Facebook, WhatsApp and phone. They will also have the opportunity to join in a Zoom meeting one or twice a term so they can meet with other Lone members and will be invited to get involved with events at County and Division level.

We offer places for girls new to guiding, for those girls that are moving up and cannot make a specific day commitment, also at the moment for those girls that units are not running and would still like to stay in guiding participating while waiting on a face-to-face place.

There is a joining fee of £20 for which the girls will receive a pencil case with stationery, promise badge and certificate, badge book and a tote bag to hold it all in.

The subs are £20 per term which covers all a newsletter by post, badges, certificates.

How can a girl join